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What Our Clients Say About Us…



Krastina Stevenson, Manager, Global Quality and Food Safety Management Systems.

CP Kelco, UK

“Hi Fatima,


Thank you again for working with me and my team here at CP Kelco.


I wanted to share with you my feedback on the work we did together over the last year.


Overall as a coach and facilitator of our sessions, we have experienced your positive and professional attitude, demonstrating your passion to see others succeed in reaching their fullest potential.

You have been very accommodating and flexible, adjusting to the needs of the team and have provided us with great support.


In our first assessment session when we were introduced to the John Maxwell methodology, we experienced approach that provided different perspective of our team interactions, delivered in a way that was fun and easy to assimilate. It helped us discover our team’s diversity, understand more about ourselves, and inspired us to modify our behaviour to respond to everyone’s needs.


Later through our group coaching in the mastermind sessions your approach to having the entire group’s input encouraged open discussions and resulted in developing solutions for much more effective team communication. As we worked through communication exercises we were provided with a structure that helped us look closer at our relationships and equipped the team with the proper attitudes- to develop as a team and improve our networking. Learning that communication is all about others and applying that has helped us increase our group productivity with positive influences from each member and the group as a whole.


In my one to one sessions with you I have experienced the benefits of interacting with you on a regular basis. With your ability to understand my perspective and then building upon that, asking me the questions that stimulated me thinking and stretching myself in a most empowering way. Furthermore reading and utilising John Maxwell’s teachings had an overall positive impact on my work and life transformation.

In particular, using the techniques learned through our sessions e.g. asking the question How can I help you? has opened unexpected doors and improved my interactions with peers/management.


In conclusion, I did see much value in this coaching program with you and would highly recommend it.  


It was a pleasure working with you.


Kind regards,




Sharon Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

Greenville Human Society

Greenville, SC


“We began working with Fatima Ghzala from Full Potential Development in January of 2019.  Her first step was to have our participants complete the Maxwell DISC personality indicators tests.  This gave us a base line indicator on what our personalities looked like and how we should be communicating with each other.

I think many of our participants were skeptical at first that this type of leadership training would be useful for our group since our workplace is not a typical office or warehouse environment.   Poor communication and lack of leadership skills was clearly an issue for us.  Fatima coached  us individually and through group sessions.  As we became less resistant to the methods, our group began to open up and have truly meaningful and productive discussions.  We learned that we just couldn’t say we were going to do something, Fatima challenged us to actually tell her what steps we would take to achieve our goals.  Forcing us to have concrete steps helped us move towards our common goals. By analyzing those goals and continually reevaluating our progress we learned to ask important questions daily to make sure we were making progress toward our ultimate goal of creating a culture of excellence.


Key moments: realizing that one of our senior leaders was not a good leader and could use individualized training, seeing the growth in our  younger kennel leaders who  got the most benefit from our classes by giving them insights and tools to handle some of the more difficult interdepartmental issues, and the introduction of individualized coaching for some of our struggling managers.”

Dr Rula Shalabi, Founder

Indigo Pediatric Dentistry

"I strongly recommend Fatima-Zahra Ghzala for leadership coaching, team development and overall personal coaching. She has helped me tremendously with my business and role as a boss, leader, doctor and business owner!"

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