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Do they feel like they belong on day 1?

The sense of belonging is a human need. And fulfilling this need for new employees on their first day within the organization can make a big difference. Here are some simple things you can implement when you have a new hire:

- Ensure that their workplace is ready by the time they start and their uniform is ready if their job requires one.

- Make sure that they are introduced to the rest of the team. You can gather your team for some cake or snacks, and give them a chance to get to know their new colleague. Do not take the opportunity to make other announcements. It has to be about the new employee.

- Do not overwhelm them with information. The learning curve can be long, and you do not want to discourage them on the first day. Share with them the essential information as a first step.

- Share with them their onboarding plan.

- Be welcoming, encouraging and available to answer their questions.

You have invested a lot to find the right team member. Make their day 1 a great one!

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