I'm Fatima Ghzala, a certified John Maxwell Coach and Trainer who specializes in corporate training, and teams and individual assessments. My core philosophy of training and development is this:


Training isn't about the content, it's about meeting the employees where they are in their learning journey, and helping them identify what they need to do to improve their results.


When we understand this about training, results follow. I've used this same approach to serve several organizations in South Carolina and Georgia, including Michelin NA, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and Greenville Humane Society.


Before running my own business, I worked for several years as the scientific and regulatory affairs director of two global Fortune 500 companies.


Nowadays, if I am not training or meeting with an organization, you'll find me spending time with my family or volunteering at the Rotary Club of Greenville.


And because I always look for opportunities to learn, I do most of my writing based on my observations working with different organizations. You can sign up for my email list at https://www.fpdcoaching.com/list to get free resources that you can use with your team, or within your organization.