We all know that our children's professional success depends on education. And we also know that it is important that they develop leadership skills. But have you thought about what it takes to develop the essential skills that will differentiate them as succesfull leaders others want to hire, follow and promote?

During my career in Corporate America and through my work with organizations and individuals as a leadership coach and trainer, it became clear to me that the most challenging and less productive work environments lack the essential skills of communication, positive influence, perseverance and accountability. Developing those skills early on will contribute to healthier and more productive work environments where everyone thrives.


Our Youth leadership Development Program is designed for preteens and teens (10-17 years), and based on the program founded by John Maxwell, the world’s foremost authority in leadership.

The participants are engaged through the school year (from September to May), and the monthly sessions are planned around your child's schedule. The program can be integrated to the school day or as an after-school program.

Cost of the program starts at $75/month (There are reductions for groups).

We can also design one-time workshops for a group gathering (Learning about leadership can be fun!).

Contact us today to secure your child's spot for the coming school year. 

With each registration, you will receive a special agenda for your child, as well as be entered for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card.


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